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Strategic planning aims to make future political processes more predictable.


The security system is a set of general state institutions, which creates a multi-layered security shield for the state.


Allied relations are formed not only through state policy, but also through public diplomacy. The nation should become not only an army, but also a warrior that forms relationships.


The goal of Armenakan organization (1896y.) is to gain freedom for the Armenian people of Turkey through the revolution, to know the means of living as a human being and to impose them according to the needs of the time. My organization will summarize its efforts in other and other parts of the Armenian nation without discrimination of religion and would not disperse its forces to promote revolutionary movements among the neighboring nations, noting that there is a big difference in the development of the requirements of the worldview of the Armenian Nation and the other tribes, by which the revolutionary movement of the Armenian Nation can be slowed down and will wrinkle.


Here you can get acquainted with the messages, circulars, etc. distributed by the party.

The basis of the party’s charter is the Armenian Party’s charter dating back to 1896.

The programmatic ideas of the party also carry the profound principles of the charter-programme dating back to 1896.

What sets us apart?

Clinging firmly to the national dreams that were formed in the hearts of our grandfathers, we move towards the future by proposing clear conceptual changes.
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Education is the foundation of foundations for us. It is not possible to build a state without education. And the political socialization of society also takes place through political organizations. We will prepare a politically literate society.

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The members of the initiative group of the Armenakan Party aim to serve Armenakan ideas and fight for national ideals...

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